Fashioning your reo

Normalise the Māori language with thoughtfully designed everyday fashion pieces.

Young man at beach wearing red stud earrings with the word IA engraved into them.
Fashioning your reo

Start small

One kupu at a time
Fashioning your reo

your way

Everywhere you are

Normalise the Māori language

Thoughtfully designed fashion pieces crafted in Aotearoa New Zealand

Activate your learning

x curate an experience that works for you

x incorporate reo fashion into your everyday

x start small, learn one kupu at a time

Build your language

x practice reciting kupu and waiata

x increase your vocabulary when you are ready

x share what you've learned with those around you



The most gorgeous design. these are more than earrings to me. They are very important taonga in my life that support my reo journey. For me, they emphasize the mana of te reo Māori.

Tāmaki Makaurau, NZ

I love my Ngā Tae hei taringa. I work in a primary school and I often get kids singing the waiata when they see me wearing them.

Auckland, NZ

I hoko au i tēnei momo hei tāringa mā tāku kaiako reo Māori. He koha rawe māna e hāngai ana ki te kaupapa o Te Ataarangi. He taonga miharo tēnei, pērā ki tō tātou reo.

New Zealand